¡REPORTISTAS! Youth Broadcasting Club

Civic Investigators New Media Podcaster Youth Club with Las Imaginistas

Las Imaginistas Civic Investigator’s program is open for submissions from youth applicants ages (16-21) ; two senior adult co-investigators will also be accepted to the program (60+)

All selected participants will be paid a stipend of $300 upon project completion. 

Do you ever wonder: Who gets to open their own business? What rules do they have to follow to qualify? Who decides those rules and why? Often times when we think of local politics we only think of voting, but Las Imaginistas know what youth already know: You guys are the future, and you need to be SUPPORTED to know the things you need to KNOW!  

The Civic Investigators New Media program will provide you with opportunities to get to the bottom of why local policy gets enacted the way it does. Be prepared to ask local officials, activists and organizers big questions!


You will have the opportunity to craft a story about your findings and get YOUR VOICE out! Over the course of the ten day summer workshop we will craft your podcast and play with additional new media technologies with the support of local experts.

The topic of this first workshop is to investigate the City of Brownsville from its municipal structures to its grassroots, through the topic of small business permitting through multiple new media platforms.



July 9th Application Launch

July 23rd Application Deadline

July 25th Applicants Notified

July 30th Classes Begin



Classes will meet in Brownsville, Texas from 9am-1pm for 10 days: July 30th, July 31st, August 1, August 2nd, August 6th, August 7th, August 8th, August 9th, August 13th and August 14th.


Please complete the form below by July 23rd

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